Fast Forward: to helping even more people

An insight into the team, and how we constantly review our progress at TheSocialMedwork

team photo Q4

You know that the team’s growing when you struggle to fit everyone into the photo!

Another three months have flown by since our last planning day, which means that it was time to regroup once again to focus on our mission and how we can continue to best achieve it. At our core we are a social enterprise, designed to help people access the latest, best and latest approved medicines.

Our theme for this quarter was ‘Fast Forward’. We’ve helped patients from 50 countries across six continents access and purchase much-needed medicines, but this is just a start. Every human has the right to have access to the best and latest treatment options available globally, and no patient should be arbitrarily deprived of this freedom. This is our manifesto, if you will. There are still many more patients who need our service and in order to help them, we do need to pick up the pace.

We have some pretty 'big, hairy audacious goals', but they’re matched with a uniquely experienced, highly motivated and ever-expanding team. Key problems we brainstormed were, how do we prioritise? Can we streamline our ordering process even more? How can we reach more people? And there are no easy answers.

As evening fell after a packed day, the team was aware of the busy months that lie ahead, but also of the importance of every single person that we help. It can be hectic, developing at a rapid pace, but it’s comments like this one that keep us going:

“Navigating the treacherous waters of red tape and trials seems so incredibly cruel when the possibility of slowing the progression of this awful disease hangs in the balance. It seems too good to believe we could have this drug in two weeks. I hope you know how needed you are.”

– Regina, USA